Salted Italian olives 390 rub.
Marinated Greek kalamata olives 390 rub.
Bread with Aioli sauce (wheat village-style bread, honey bread, rye Borodinsky bread) 50 rub.
Jamon Iberico 36 months • 40 g 1990 rub.
Mushroom pate with spicy pear chutney and nut bread 590 rub.
AQ poultry pate with roasted caramelized apple 670 rub.
Beef tartare with mustard cream 750 rub.
Salmon tartare 750 rub.
Lebanese salad with baked lamb meat 590 rub.
Salad with duck jamón, green peas and goat cream cheese 790 rub.
Mild smoked tuna with green peas hummus and feta cheese ice-cream 870 rub.
Salad with papaya, roasted shrimps and peanut cream 690 rub.
Eco-salad with eel and sage yogurt dressing 690 rub.
Salad with marinated salmon with baked beetroot, potatoes and saffron ali-oli 690 rub.
Far Eastern squid with avocado and orange 690 rub.
Dim sum with shrimps, marinated kohlrabi and mango jelly 790 rub.


Mediterranean fish soup 570 rub.
Thai chicken soup with lemon jelly 590 rub.
Pumpkin cream-soup with lamb and feta cheese 590 rub.


Szechuan-style Ribs 890 rub.
Cod with nero venere and light seafood cream 890 rub.
Sea Bream with quinoa, broccoli and light olive oil sauce 990 rub.
Grilled squid with romesco sauce and passion fruit oil 790 rub.
Moroccan style chicken with couscous and pear chutney 790 rub.
Argentinian shrimp with spicy kimchi, delicate seaweed and creamy horseradish 1890 rub.
Burrata with tomato risotto 890 rub.
Shrimp risotto with saffron mousse and icy Cava 790 rub.
Goose ravioli with cauliflower fricassee and truffle sauce 790 rub.
Salmon and scandinavian brandade with dill and horseradish mousse 890 rub.
Venison loin with Ek Chuah sauce and smoked cherry 890 rub.
Beef tongue with porcini, light pickled turnip and cranberry sauce 790 rub.
Ox sirloin with potato and truffle gratin with spinach and mushrooms 1690 rub.
Rib-eye Steak Black Angus (grain-fed, Briansk, Russia) 2990 rub.


Chocolate fondant with almond ice-cream 530 rub.
Cuba-libre 490 rub.
Warm brownie with blood orange sorbet 550 rub.
Coconut ice dome and pineapple sorbet 550 rub.
Air cheesecake with sesame biscuit 530 rub.
Apple tatin with spicy ice-cream 550 rub.
Passion-fruit panna-cotta with frozen chocolate and hazelnut ice-cream 450 rub.
Figs tartare with almond ice-cream and goats cheese mousse 590 rub.
Persimmon with pecan mousse and mulled wine ice-cream 630 rub.


Tula spice-cake with cherry sauce 90 rub.
Lavender ice-cream with flower honey 90 rub.
Korovka ice-cream 110 rub.
Vanilla ice-cream 110 rub.
Chocolate ice-cream 110 rub.
Orange sorbet 150 rub.
Kvas sorbet 90 rub.
Lychee & Red Bull sorbet 190 rub.