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Our menu is an anticipated step in Adrian Quetglas’ 10-year-long gastronomic journey in Russia. Here, at AQ Kitchen, Adrian brings us the experiences that he has gone through over these years: everything that he’s lived though, captivated and created. We offer an easy-to-understand and satisfying, yet bright and enticing menu that keeps the essence of Quetglas’ style and individuality. Our menu is a pilgrimage to the tastes of the world, like a flirtation of different aromas and textures, like your favorite childhood ride. We hope to move and entertain you. At AQ you will receive a warm welcome, a handsome savory meal for an ultimately honest charge.

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AQ KITCHEN TEAM – a well-coordinated group of creative individuals who understand each other at half-word and are united by their love of innovative cuisine and impeccable service. It is well-known that the foremost factor of any enterprise’s success is its people. AQ prides itself in its team and deems it to be its most important asset! 

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Bolshaya Gruzinskaya 69


+7 (925) 241-53-44